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Oh I had to tell ya, Thanks to WXJR, I hooked up my reciever to my stereo in the living room, after being in the closet for the past couple of years. I love your mix of music. Being on the computer all day, is getting to be too much for my eye sight, but I can find my favorite seat and you guys keep me company!!! Bobby

Love, love, love the variety of music you play! You are now the station of choice! Debbie

So grateful for being able to stream. It's hard in Dahlonega to get good, clear reception from most GOOD MUSIC STATIONS. You are an answer to prayers. You'r right on--playing THE GOOD STUFF. Will spread the word here in the No Ga Mtns. Superb seasonal music. That is sooo hard to find these days---am canceling TV music--don't need it anymore---your's is 100 times better! Carol P.S. Enjoyed your halloween selections to the max. You are talented people!!!

Bo Diddly this morning...ya'll are like a breath of fresh radio waves. Mark

Fantastic playlist mix ! It's like you guys know EVERY one of my all time favorite songs. John

Love the music selection! Mary

It's just what Jasper needed! THANK YOU! Shaun
Love listening to the type music you play! Charity
 Love it , Love it, Love it. Lynn
Music selection is awesome! Johnnie
The imaginative music selection is stunning! You folks got some sparking neurons over there! Patrick

We have really enjoyed your selections of music. We like hearing different covers or stuff you don't hear everywhere else! Patti

The only radio station to listen too. It is the best. Love the gospel music. Keep up the good work!!! Lynn

Love this station! I'm hooked! Sandra

Finally! A radio station that comes in great-and we love! Thanks from Rescued Furniture Store. Jean

Love your station! Had it on all morning here at the Rescued Furniture Store and I have really enjoyed it! We have always had a problem testing the radios we sell because we  haven't been able to get reception from ANY station! But your station is something we're going to enjoy listening to! Thank you so much! Pam

I love listening everyday at work and even while driving around town. Rebecca

Brother told me about you today. Love listening!​ Joanna

How much longer until streaming is available? Can't wait to hear the music and the retromercials. Drew

Like your mix of music,Hope you play Christmas music this holiday season!!! Henry

I just love the mix of music. I listen everyday on my way to work. Denise

Started listening after reading Progress' article...love it! Beverly
I am looking forward to the live streaming! Laura
Afternoon,  First off, I LOVE THIS STATION! Unbelievable selection of music. Thanks so very much for being on the waves. I was flipping through here at work in Jasper and accidently came across this and dare anyone to change my station, which is now set in my car! Thanks for all the memories that come to mind with every  song! Yawl have a great evening. Kim

By accident, I came across the station and WOW..this is what I've been looking for. Telling all my friends. Connie

​40's, 50's, 60's, 70's...well, you get the picture

WXJR FM playing "The Good Stuff" from the

You made your memories...

  Thanks for listening!

​Love your Star Dust Overnight.  Been listening for a year.  Great programming. Troy E.

listen to the station at work and now in my car. love the variety of old, new, bluegrass, pop, etc. Keep the great music coming. thanks Cathy

​WXJR Jasper Radio. Oh yeah!!!! Russ E.

Enjoy listening EVERYDAY. Joanna

​What a way to spend a dull Sunday in cold and cloudy Wisconsin preparing taxes....make it the best time listening to Wxjr Jasper Radio! Mary Ann R.


I really appreciate you radio station. Ken L.​

hey there- great tunes! awesome stream last night! Will

​Jasper Radio is WXJR 102.1​ FM

We are Georgia Mountain Broadcasting

The IBM Credit Union Loves Jasper Radio!

Love your eclectic playlist. Sonia

Georgia Mountain Broadcasting was created as a non-profit corporation in 2011 for the purpose of building a quality FM radio station, WXJR 102.1 FM for our community of Jasper, GA and surrounding areas. Our programming has been specifically engineered to be multi-generational in a mixed genre format. Our goal is simple...good music for the people, low cost promotional opportunities for local businesses and to support our community through various contributions. Every decision made here is met with one question, "Does everybody win"? In this world of conflict and economic imbalance, here at WXJR we hope to stand in contrast and spread a little peace and happiness along the way! :)...

We listen here at our work toooo...its not the same old thing every hours....Sabrina

​Do stream.  Love to hear you clear in Ball Ground. John G.​

So GREAT meeting you guys today! Susan you are the BOMB!! cant wait to hear Studio 54's spot. Thank You Ed B'

Jasper radio is now my number one station. I love how you mix up your songs and get me singing to them. I also love the old commercials you play. I have it playing on my radio and on my lap top. The music you play helps me take my mind off each doctor visit to wound care especially if it's a bad day there. Loves sitting back late a night an listening to it on my laptop. Keep up the great work there. Greg K.


Adore your station!!!! Just wanted to let you know. Natalie Anne

You guys are awesome! Been listening ever since I read about your station in my Pickens Progress paper. You provide a fantastic mix of the kind of music I love. John

​Thanks for the great music. Drove down Main St today and saw your marqee by the feed store. We've been listening ever since. Joanne B.

Congratulations on WXJR- your friend Mark Hellinger would be so proud of you! I'm sure he's listening from his heavenly home! I will be listening too! Mark's Mom!

Rescued Furniture Store listens only to your station. So many of our customers comment on the great music and don't know about WXJR. We are educating them! And we thank you for supporting Pickens Animal Rescue and Rescued Furniture Store. You are making Jasper a better community! Jean

​Just discovered your station. My new FAV!! Vickie J.

​Just moved here last February...love this station! Scott R.

Your music mix is incredible! Dan

Thx!. You guys have the best play list of any station. Thanks for what you do Matt G.

​Stumbled. Across you guys the other day love it. Playlist is so refreshing. Keep it up! Adam R.

​Thank you....we absolutely LOVE your station. Zeb F.

listening this morning is like my own Pickens County Angel band picking their favorites just for me.....love it

​WXJR Jasper Radio on this cold morning is so much better than top 40 whatever radio. Live stream if your not aware......and I don't work or advertize for them,just happy to listen to something different besides Atlanta loop radio C Mark W.

​Keep up the great music. I live in Roswell and work in Buckhead. Your radio stations blows away anything in Atlanta. I discovered WXJR a few years ago visiting my mom in Jasper. I listen to you the entire time I am up here. I stream you as well at home. Thanks for the great mix in tunes. Phillip C.

I​'ve got the computer sound added to my livingroom stereo, and you'r adding to the family festivities!!! Great song selections. Bobby

Jamming out to 102.1 FM WXJR Jasper Radio if you're not listening, you're missing out on some great music. Go check it out! Nicoda

​I just found the station yesterday I love it Tracy M.

​Love this station! It's real music! Vicki C.

​The variety of music you play is wonderful. Debbie C.

    706-253-WXJR (9957)

Love to this radio station they play some awesome music. Renea

Love your playlist this afternoon! A little Christmas and some great surprises! Nan

After Studio 54 joined the WXJR family, it made me go out and put together a massive system. 1000 watt receiver. ceiling speaker in every room also the porch, when the install is complete and we fire it up. you should be able to hear yourself at your place. HA.......Thank You again. Ed


...Did I really just hear Postmodern Jukebox covering Royals? I  <3Puddles! I've been listening for a year and you guys continue to blow me away with your variety. Love everything about this station! Keep up the good work! Kat M.

Your morning show outshines all others. You were playing Bill Monroe yesterday and someone said "you change radio stations?" I said of course not;what your hearing is something called "variety" The thing that's lacking on almost all forms of entertainment lately. ps. I don't usually correspond with radio or tv stations. Am I trying to motivate and or boost your ego? ...why yes. Mark

​I came across this station accidentally a few months ago and I absolutely LOVE IT!! I grew up with a dad that was born in the 1950's , so when I was growing up he was always listening to the golden oldies . This station takes me back to my childhood, Thank you . Even though I'm only able to listen while taking my kids to and from school (we live in Canton and I'm only get good reception near Waleska), I listen everyday. Let the good times roll!! Stephanie A.

We listen from Phoenix at work and at home, an excellent mix.

We are happy to listen and gladly contribute for the MUSIC! Keep it up! Scott P.

​Just found WJXR. Love it!
John Long
The Georgia Radio Museum and Hall of Fame

​Loving your music today! Finally can hear you in the house as well as on the road! Thanks so much for throwing in the Blues and Alternative - love all of it! Beth C.



Dig this station. Eclectic mix of familiar and stuff I never heard before. Keep up the good work! Paul M.

​I discovered your station through a friend a couple of months ago.  I'm hooked and have been spreading the word to all my friends in Jasper!  I spent the majority of my career in the music business and have never come across a more interesting format. Thanks and keep filling our local airwaves with great tunes and fun memories! Val J.

Just found this by accident, I still don't know how to work facebook. Excited to see station. Margaret

Good afternoon!  Just wanted to say I LOVE  this station!  Thank you for a wonderful selection of music!!! Bonnie

​Love your station, thanks for all the "good" music. Tom A.

Just moved to Jasper to retire from the "big city". So as I start roaming around the dial to program my radio stations, my thoughts were "well, this should be interesting, I'll probably find 10 country stations and 10 sports talk stations, and 10, well, you get the picture."
Then I stumble upon your station...what an incredible pleasure! I have very eclectic taste in music, and you play the most eclectic mix I have heard on the radio in 40 years!
I am an old hippie so love rock and roll, but was also raised on jazz, country, classics, etc so your mix is a perfect fit.
Have not turned off or switched stations in a month!
Had to say thanks and what a surprise to find this kind of a station in Jasper, GA!!!
Keep up the great sounds......James H

I love yall.!!! So different. I got tuned in when yall played a spanish instrumental. Robin C.

​Great radio station to listen to
Wayne B.

I want to take a moment to thank all the people who work at WXJR, for being here to listen to, and always being cheerful.  I'm sure a lot goes on behind the scenes that a lot of us don't bother to think about, so.. to all you folks who never get recognized for your hard work.... a big hearty thank you from me! Jennifer S

I LOVE the good stuff! Not just like it! Carol


Have THE GOOD STUFF thru the main floor now in stereo---not limited to lap top. Soon deck speakers installed-- Gift from wonderful daughter & son-in-law-- great music outdoors. HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY--8-15-14 to WXJR! Stay on air!! Carol

 I listen to that station all day at work. I love all the different music!!!! Angie

​Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
You are doing it exactly the way it should be done!!! Radio perfection 
Keep it up, please!!!Rance P

​With a couple of my old great friend high school buddies. You (WXJR 102.1 FM) absolutely rock !!!!! John M.

​Where there is no internet on Twin Mountain Lakes, there is WXJR on the radio...our weekends-at-the-lake soundtrack! LP and Lovin' it!! Wayne C.

At this time our stream is no longer available. We hope in the future this will change for us and for you our listeners. We do apologize and regret having to make this decision.

​Great tunes. Best Radio Station in Georgia. Michael C.